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Instructions for Poster Presentation

The IXth International Coccidiosis Conference will include a poster session on Thursday, 22 September, from 7:00-9:30 pm. Typical Brazilian snacks and drinks will be provided during the poster session, aiming at creating an atmosphere for people interaction and discussion.

General Guidelines

Abstracts scheduled for presentation in poster sessions have been grouped according to topic to allow for maximum interaction among scientists working in a particular discipline. All posters are numbered consecutively, from 1 to 22, according to the table below. Conference staff will place each board's number in its upper left hand corner; however, you are responsible for displaying your poster in the correct board.

Presentation of Posters

Photocopies of the abstract, an outline of the experimental design, and relevant tables and illustrations should be available during your poster presentation for distribution to interested persons.

Poster boards will be available for displaying posters from Tuesday, 20 September. Poster sessions will extend for 2.5 hours, and your materials must remain posted on the poster board assigned to you for this entire period.

Poster Boards

The poster board assigned to each presenter has a usable area of 90 x 120 cm. Push-pins and/or adhesive double-face tapes will be provided for hanging your poster. In planning the utilization of space on your poster board, you are advised to use the space at eye level.

The top section of the poster board will be at eye level for the great majority of viewers and is therefore the best location for text. Properly drawn charts and diagrams will still be easy to read in the middle of the poster board. Do not use the space at the very bottom of the poster board. Each presentation should contain a top panel, listing the title of the abstract, and the names of the authors. Illustrative material should be arranged in logical order.

Important Notes

As a courtesy to your colleagues, if you are scheduled to present a poster and later find that you cannot attend the meeting, please inform the ICC9 organizers. You may submit your withdrawal via Fax at 55 19 3243 8542 or to the e-mail address

We look forward to the presentation of your poster material at the conference.



The IXth International Coccidiosis Conference - ICC - will be organized by FACTA (APINCO Foundation for Poultry Science and Technology), WPSA-Brazil (the Brazilian Branch of the World's Poultry Science Association) and a selected group of academic researchers.